We are dedicated to showcasing all that is good about Scotland, the Scots and all things Scottish.

​While being regarded as a small nation with a population of around 5 million, Scotland has effected a disproportionate impact on the world and yet still has a large story to tell.

​That story is one which binds us all together, no matter where we are. Scots have travelled the globe making friends and influencing cultures and absorbing customs for as long as we can remember. Scotland has never set out to conquer the world but it has managed to be a significant influence far beyond it’s shores.

We are working closely with the Clans and their societies across continents, individuals with a love for Scotland and families that have Scottish roots wherever they are to demonstrate our very strong ties and tell the amazing stories we all have.

One of our principles is a profit share plan and a funding scheme to help promote people and causes to further the Scottish story. We have no political agenda nor governmental influence, we simply want to promote this incredible country and its people.

If you have an event happening tell us about it, send us pictures and let us know how it went.
Everyone has a story, they are all unique.
How and why did your ancestors get to where your family is based?
Why and how do you maintain your Scottish heritage?
How does your Scottishness affect your life?
Was your heritage an influence on your early life, does it still feature?
We want to hear all of this and more.

In Scotland we are fascinated by, and perhaps unaware of, what Scotland means to those outside the homeland. Equally, Scotland is home to a ridiculous number of inventions and it continues, often people outside Scotland have no idea that we continue to be inventive, still breaking down barriers and pushing boundaries.

​Send us your stories, pictures, events or simply follow us to read some Scotland’s incredible story while we develop this website.